What To Expect

The female figure has been celebrated for centuries and today is no different. Artists’ from all over the world have painted, sculpted, and captured the female figure to adore for all time. That is how I feel about my Alluring Exposures photography. It’s a celebration of the figure, artistically rendered for the enjoyment of the viewer to last a lifetime. 

My Promise To You

When you put yourself (and your body) in my photographic hands you will be guaranteed to be thrilled with your portraits or you won’t pay for them. Of course, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that won’t happen!  This is what I will do:

1st – If it is an enhancement issue that can be fixed-done!

2nd – If the imagery is not what you wanted, At NO CHARGE, I will photograph you again, and make sure that anything that wasn't perfect is fixed, without you paying another cent.

3rd – If I am absolutely unable to thrill you – if I’m unable to create a photograph that you feel you feel you will truly love, I will refund EVERY PENNY you invested in them. You don’t pay for your photographs unless you love them beyond expression!

If I don’t end up being your photographer, make ABSOLUTELY SURE your photographer offers this strong of a guarantee. If they are good, they should back up their work by taking all the risk off of you.

Not All Boudoir Portraits Are Created Equal

If you’re at all like most people, you’ve probably had this question going through your mind: “How do I choose the right photographer?” In fact, you may even have thought of someone in your family a cousin, aunt or even a friend – who is a bit of an amateur photographer. This is an important type of session that only an experienced educated image creator can do properly. The lighting is so key as well as posing and the use of material and props.

So, before you select your photographer please, please also look at the quality of the reproductions. Do they look as good as the internet? Are the tones pleasing and are they using museum quality products so your images will last a lifetime? Do they use a professional lab? All this plays a major roll in the success of your portraits.

Question: “Just Suppose Someone Were To Create The Perfect Intimate Portrait – One Where You Looked Better Than Ever – A Portrait That Meant The World To You – What Would That Be Worth?”

A portrait you love is priceless and one you hate is worthless. No price tag can be put on your alluring portraits. So, why would you ever want to gamble and waste your time? It’s just a question of whether you believe a beautiful portrait of you could really mean that much to you.

If you were sick, and had to go to a doctor, would you want the “cheapest” doctor, or the best one? Well, there’s really no question.  It’s the same thing with any of your personal image. You can certainly find a cheaper photographer in town. But there are other things to consider than just price…

I have devoted my career in creating fine art photographic images for women and show them how beautiful they are any size any shape! I truly believe that what we are looking for is an expression of how we ‘feel’ inside more than what we look like outside. By finding that out first I can merge how you feel with how you look!

Don’t Make The Decision As To Who Will Be Your Photographer Until You Chat With Me. There Are Things You’ll Want To Ask The Photographers…

There’s no cost, and no obligation to just chat with me, and it will make the whole difference as to how great your portraits will look. Simply CLICK HEREto find out how to contact me by phone, just to chat.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to try to “sell you” on working with me. I’m already very busy, and I don’t need to pressure anyone to work with me as a photographer. I’ll just talk to you about your portraits, and help you discover what your photographs could be like. If you decide to have me create your portraits – great. If not, no problem.

And This is SO Important: That You Feel Totally Comfortable In Front Of The Camera!

Do you know ANYONE who feels totally comfortable in front of a camera? I’ll bet you don’t. Nearly everyone I’ve ever met tells me the same thing: “I never look natural in pictures.” The last thing you want is a photograph where you have that fake “posed” look on your face.

That’s why it’s so important that you feel very natural and comfortable with your photographer. Just think of how great your image would look if your best friend was creating the photograph. I take pride in developing very close relationships with all my clients.

Plus, I understand the “psychology” of photography. Learning the technical aspects – what lenses to use, what lighting looks best, how clothing adds and subtracts weight on film – all of those things were only the tip of the iceberg. Without being able to make you look and feel comfortable (and natural) on film, all those technical things would amount to nothing.

”There’s No One To Help Me Make Choices About Clothing, Hair, Makeup, Location, etc…”

I will help you every step of the way from how to prepare for your session days before to Hair and makeup, clothing, heels... everything! We will have your Alluring Story unfold during the 'in studio' pre-portrait design consultation. So when you arrive on ‘the day’ you will feel confident and relaxed. 

Don’t Make The Mistake And Think There Is No Rush To Have My Alluring Portrait Created. 

Trust me, if you wait something will always come in its way. Don’t put off this gift for yourself. You may be thinking this is for my husband but it is really for you! This experience is a once in a lifetime shot for many women and no matter how you feel about your body are we ever truly satisfied? Remember, I can make any women look beautiful at any stage of their life. This is something you deserve.

Just Call My Studio, And We’ll Chat. I Am Sure You Will Not Be Disappointed.

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